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An expert-centered community in the world of Cell & Gene manufacturing.

Our Director, Anna Rose Welch, knows better than anyone just how much there is to read on the topic of C&G manufacturing. (Trust us, she finds and reads it all.) To spice things up and keep C&G Collaborative members in-the-know, she curates a bi-weekly newsletter singling out the most informative and entertaining manufacturing-centric headlines.

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About Us

Cell & Gene Collaborative is an invite-only peer group, the members of which are responsible for making the manufacturing and outsourcing decisions at companies developing cell and gene therapies. Cell & Gene Collaborative is your portal to cross-company and industry dialogue, thought leadership, and networking opportunities to confront your greatest technical- and business-related cell and gene therapy manufacturing and outsourcing challenges.

Cell & Gene Collaborative is part of Life Science Collaborative, which is part of the Life Science Connect network of products and services for life science professionals.