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About Clinical Leader

Clinical Leader is where stakeholders come to discover the most important trends and technologies impacting clinical research and trials. Content in this community covers pharmacovigilance, clinical data management, ePRO, patient recruitment, EDC, clinical trials management systems, CRO selection/management, and more.

Our Readers

Our readers are professionals who work in Clinical Operations and Trial Management, Clinical Data Management, Regulatory and Quality Assurance, R&D, and the C-suite. They are the experts in Pharma and Biotech companies (including cell & gene therapy), active in executing clinical trials (Phase I-IV) and/or are planning for early phase trials, who are looking for resources to help them as they navigate the complex process of clinical-stage drug development.

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Editorial Themes

We believe in publishing the advice that helps our readers get their drugs and therapies to patients fasterĀ  - the kinds of content that can't be slotted into a monthly editorial calendar. Instead, here's an overview of the topics frequently published in this community.

Media Kit

We don't have one! We believe media kits are relics of the old-school B2B publishing model. B2B sales and marketing has changed drastically since our company was founded nearly 40 years ago. The way we produce and deliver information to our readers has changed too. Media kits have been replaced by the data-driven, highly customized products, services, and content we produce for our increasingly sophisticated strategic partners. Instead, we ask that you connect with us to learn more about how we drive business outcomes beyond vanity metrics and cold leads. You can read more about why we don't publish media kits on our Follow Your Buyer site - an online community dedicated to our methodology of engaging your buyers.

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