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Life Science Connect facilitates mutually beneficial connections between our audiences and strategic partners that accelerate the advancement of life-improving, life-extending, and life-saving therapies and devices. We serve a loyal, satisfied readership that demands original, compelling content with utility.

Our suite of capabilities for B2B sales and marketing enablement contributes to the creation and maintenance of robust business development pipelines for our partners.

Our Communities

Life Science Connect facilitates engagement across the drug development lifecycle through our online communities, publications, events, and more.

BioProcess Online

Bioprocess Online draws on the wisdom of editorial contributors with decades of biotechnology manufacturing, engineering and compliance covering topics from upstream to downstream processing through bioanalysis and biomanufacturing.  Learn More

Biosimilar Development

The success of the biosimilar market requires unity and conversation among the professionals who typically may not collaborate through the drug development and commercialization process. Since 2015, Biosimilar Development editorial has covered the challenges and successes of this burgeoning market in the global regulatory and commercial spheres. Learn More

Cell and Gene

Cell & Gene's expert content offers readers a exploration into the opportunities and challenges across cell and gene therapy modalities coming to market including technical challenges, licensing, unique supply chain demands, adoption and reimbursement in healthcare systems and public or patient attitudes to this medical revolution. Learn More

Clinical Leader

Clinical Leader provides a complex industry with a forum investigating common struggles including patient recruitment, CRO selection, clinical trial management systems, or anything else related to the clinical research and trial sector. Learn More

Drug Discovery Online

Drug Discovery Online provides a single source for everything related to discovery and early stage drug development. Content includes news and opinions on the latest discovery technologies, from organic synthesis and the manual isolation of new compounds to combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening. Learn More

Food Online helps readers engage with content covering inspection, safety, packaging, and supply chain topics. Food Online’s mission is to advance the production of safe, healthy food and beverages.

Laboratory Network

At Laboratory Network, readers will find information about laboratory chemicals, systems, services and equipment, including analytical instruments, computer hardware and software, chromatography equipment, separation systems and filtration systems, liquid handling equipment and more. Learn More

Life Science Leader

Life Science Leader's content is designed to inform readers of industry best practices and motivate them to implement those practices in their businesses. As the market is continually growing and innovating, these insights provide readers with actionable information and strategies to implement when navigating the evolving clinical, manufacturing, entrepreneurial, and regulatory landscapes. Learn More

Med Device Online

Med Device Online draws on the wisdom of editorial contributors with decades of medtech experience to provide the information readers need to make critical decisions during the early phases of medical device and diagnostics development. Our goal is to keep readers abreast of the latest technological advances and trends in medtech, as well as provide professional guidance. Learn More

Outsourced Pharma

Outsourced Pharma provides comprehensive analysis and exclusive content from thought leaders for the advancement of global outsourcing of drug development and manufacturing. We offer readers of our community a deeper exploration and understanding of the relationships between pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations with their service providers. Learn More

Pharmaceutical Online

Pharmaceutical Online provides the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging industry with exclusive and actionable information to help those with daily responsibilities in dosage formulation, facility maintenance, validation, inspection, serialization, risk management, and logistics. Learn More

Water Online's mission is to help connect the water industry and advance public health by increasing the pace of adoption of innovative technologies and practices in building sustainable community water and wastewater systems.

ELEVATE YOUR IMPACT: New Communities Open for Partnerships

Four New Life Science Connect Communities

Introducing a new lineup of four unique online communities, live now and available for partnership. These publications are being meticulously crafted to meet the interests and requirements of professionals in specific life sciences.

Clinical Supply Leader is dedicated to facilitating knowledge sharing among individuals responsible for ensuring the stability, proper labeling, manufacturing, and timely delivery of medical treatments to the correct sites and patients. Additionally, we provide insights into the entire clinical supply chain, from the pre-IND phase through post-trial activities such as returns, reconciliation, and destruction.

Clinical Tech Leader is a community designed for professionals driving clinical trial excellence. It delivers insights focused on leveraging technology to enhance trial design, execution, and compliance. We aim to help professionals streamline processes, improve patient experiences, and achieve better trial outcomes by providing educational resources and connecting members with suitable solutions and partners.

Drug Delivery Leader is a Life Science Connect community that delves into pharmaceutical compound delivery. We spotlight the individuals, technologies, and methodologies that are pivotal in enhancing drug delivery. Our focus spans the entire spectrum, from formulating drugs to developing, designing, and acquiring delivery solutions.

Advancing RNA is a Life Science Connect community focused on the rapidly evolving field of RNA-based therapeutics. It aims to provide valuable insights, discussions, and resources for professionals developing RNA-based drugs. The community addresses various challenges in RNA therapy development, including analytical, quality, manufacturing, and regulatory issues.